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Strength and Health Secrets for Growing Goblins

The complete guide to getting STRONG in and around your cave:

  • Training Principles
  • Set up your Iron Playground
  • Goblin Anatomy
  • Exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
and much more...

There are plenty of books about weight training written for adults and trainers. So far, there have been virtually no books written specifically for children and teens. Goblin's Gym gives a thorough introduction, and is illustrated with manga style drawings. All exercises are easy to learn, and can be done in a basic, affordable home gym. This book is meant to be a reference, and also touches on topics important for long-term development and health, such as biomechanics, posture, breathing and nutrition.

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There is only so much that can and should be squished between two book covers. Here are some more references:

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Find videos and articles for the recommended exercises on these pages:

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Training with resistance bands:

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